How to Play Pokémon on iPhone

You must have grown out of your Nintendo and GameBoy, but you may still feel the pangs of nostalgia when you see a kid playing Pokémon. You may have graduated to the latest iPhone with the best possible features, but you still miss Ash and chasing around wild Pokémon with your PokéBalls. So we have brought a few ways in which you can play Pokémon on your iPhone without damaging it iOS and weighing down its core functions.


However, let us warn you that these are only applicable if you still use Operating Systems before the 8.0.3 gen.

  1. GBA4IOS

The first step is quite simple; you need to download GBA4IOS from a reliable source. This will be your emulator for the Pokémon gameplay. With this one you can enjoy the flavors of Gameboy Color, Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. Downloading the GBA4IOS is made really easy for even newbies with the on-screen prompts. On top of that, this is a reliable third party application which has no issues with permissions and security.

  1. Acquiring ROMs

This is more of a grey area both morally and legally. Now you should technically only acquire a ROM only if you own a physical version of the Pokémon game. This makes it sort of legal as acquiring an entire game online involves a lot of piracy which can land you in trouble soup. A related but not independent step is configuring the ROM which can be done with the help of GBA4IOS and its myriad of customization options. Using this emulator lets you explore a whole new range of customization options which includes game layouts and game control.

  1. Enjoy the games

As we have mentioned before finding and running all forms of vintage and latest Pokémon games is extremely easy with GBA4IOS emulator. After the configuration is complete you can play your game complete with personalized skins and controls. You can usually select a number of options which lets you save your progress in the Dropbox. The use of ROMs gives you instant access to a number of cheat codes and extra levels which other players cannot enjoy. will you want to plat GTA 6 game on your iPhone.

Although these steps have been tailored for Pokémon players, they can be followed by any player for any game which has not been released for iOS platforms. Any kind of Gameboy games can be played on iOS devices provided the player installs a wide-base emulator like the GBA4IOS and the ROMs.