NBA 2K18: All You Need To Know Before the Game Releases

The game basketball has allured us for a long. NBA, the professional basketball league of America is one of the most famous sporting events all over the world. And taking full toll of the huge popularity of NBA, 2K games has launched a gaming franchise, NBA 2K, which is the most successful basketball oriented video gaming franchise of all time. 2K games launched the first iteration of this video game back in 1999, and since then it has been a massive hit among the fans. The last installment of this basketball-based video game, the NBA 2K17 has been an immense hit, and both the critics as well as the fans acclaimed the features and the graphics of the game.

NBA 2k18 Game

 So after the successful endeavor with the last installment, 2K games is all set to release the next version of the game, the NBA 2K18.Now the question arises what will be the NBA 2K18 release date? 2K Games loves to maintain a tradition, when it comes to the release date of a new version. If we take a look at the release date of the previous versions of this stunning video game, we will notice 2K releases the game in the second half of the year. So we hope the developers will maintain their tradition and will launch the NBA 2K18 in September or October.

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Now, the second big question is what features the NBA 2K18 will offer to us, and most importantly what fans are expecting from this much-anticipated video game? According to many trusted sources, the biggest change in the upcoming NBA 2K18 is going to be featured in the My Career mode. You will now be able to create new players in the My Player section which comes under the My Career mode. And the hardcore NBA 2K gamers will love this feature, as they can now create a new player according to their likings and they can even include the player in their team too. Moreover, the My Manager mode is also going to be included in the NBA 2K18. It is one of the popular modes the game features and the developers have already assured they will retain this mode in the upcoming edition.

 Apart from that, rumor is the upcoming NBA 2K18 will be VR compatible. Most of the video games which has been released this year or going to be released soon, comes with the support to the virtual reality. And to stay in the rat race, 2K is also planning to launch the NBA 2K18 with the virtual reality. Moreover, to add fuels in the rumors, 2K has launched the NBA VR Experience in the last November in order to get an idea how will the game behave, if it is launched with this modern day technology. Few reports also suggest that, the upcoming NBA 2K18 will sport 4K resolution. But as of now, it is looking like a far-fetched dream and the feature will be added in the later editions.