Kik Connects You To People All Around The World

Remember those times before the Facebook has born into our lives, what was there- Orkut or Hi5 may be those were the days when people actively started going on online to meet new people and explore their bounds. Chatting and dating were starting to become part our lives back then. I totally agree there would be many more application which helps you connect with the people around the globe by means of chatting but here is the one who has been creating wonder and known for it’s out of the box experience and innovation and much largely influenced by the teens starting from the age of 13 or above- Kik!! All you need to do is Kik Login and you can chat with numerous friends who are also using this chatting application for absolutely free.


Kik has always hold a very peculiar position in the market it was something new and the former developers wanted to transform the PC experience on everybody smart phones. In 2009 when company was first formed by and today have more than 300 million users on Kik.

Here are some of the special of what Kik has it!

  1. Networking: this is the much larger group of people who are the users of this application. It connects people from all around the through chats. You could meet or could be invited to join other people, one could also sent invitation to connect and explore other users through the medium of photos and videos published daily to the application open for all the users who are logged into the Kik application.
  2. Invites: when we talk about invites is meant by whenever a new user creates an account a unique code will be generated, which would be the identity of that user. So if anybody wants to send any request to connect, he/she has to invite by sharing that code in order to become friends on Kik.
  3. Privacy: unlike WhatsApp in Kik, the application make account on the basis of usernames and not phone numbers, so users have complete safety what they want to share or not. They have their complete rights what they want talk about and who they wanted to talk to.
  4. Insider’s features: when you log into as a new user you can always find some existing users through your contact lists. If you would meet any body anywhere no matter if you want to exchange your phone numbers, you could always share your username which will always be protected and in case anything happens a new icon of “Kik Team” will always be there to help you out in of the difficulties it may occur.
  5. Exchanging multi media: it’s very easy to share any of the media content to any of yours contact. Either you would like to choose from your photo gallery or click or shoot right away. It also supports formats such as jpeg, gif, mp3, mp4 and 3gp.

After going through the above processes it is very convenient and safe among the teens, yeah everything has its own pros and cons but it matter in which you would like to use it.