Facetime vs Hangout

Facetime vs Hangout — Head to Head Comparison

Facetime vs Hangout: World has gone far away from conventional messaging and calling. Our tech world is expanding into a limitless horizon. Everyday thousand of apps are included in Play stores and iTunes while many of them have changed the ways of communications. Google’s hangout and Apple’s Facetime are the two of them.

Facetime vs Hangout

Google Hangout is a famous platform that has been using as a cross platform messaging service and video calling software and with Android it comes as a hosted app in all smartphone. It comes after replacing Google talk, G+ messenger. The overall system is very intuitive and user friendly while having the robust Google system behind. The only limitation of this app is high data consumption during chatting and video calling (70 MB for 10 minutes).

Facetime is a world famous but iOS only app for video calling option. You can’t do a lot of things on it but yes, if you own a iPhone or iPad then Facetime should be your first priority to get into a video calling. It consumes lesser data than Hangout (15-20 MB for 10 minutes).

Comparison of Hangout and Facetime

If we are to compare these two apps from two different zones of tech world then it should be precise and to the point because there should not be any topic left on the ground while comparing first to last features of these two apps from two titans.

  • Hangout can be used on all mobile operating system while Facetime runs on iOS platform only that means it works on Apple only device!
  • Using Hangout users can do instant messaging, SMS, VOIP and video chat features while Facetime is dedicated video calling app.
  • Hangout can be used if you have Google account while Registering on Facetime, you need a mobile number or email address for routing a video call.
  • Video calling quality is better in facetime than in Hangout. Facetime is a light app whie Hangout is a robust app that requires more space to be fit in your phone.
  • Audio quality is better in Facetime than Hangout. One thing should be mentioned here that Facetime uses Apple’s own server while Hangout runs on Google’s server. Google’s server is more congested than Apple’s.

If we keep video calling at foremost priority then Facetime is the best one to choose but if you want to use an app for versatile use then Hangout is the only one to choose.