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LG G6 will feature All-Glass Design and Plan to stick with 3.5mm Headphone Port

With the year end we have a lot to look forward to in terms of smart phone releases for the month of April. We have Apple and Samsung who are coming up with the production of smart phones that are going to define revolutionary models. LG G6 is expected April 2017 release, and the details regarding the LG G6 have been making the rounds. With the latest rumors pouring in LG is going to keep the 3.5mm headphone port, and do away with the swappable battery, and add an all-glass design. These features sound very interesting and deserve to be checked out.

We recently got to know that LG is reportedly planning to make its smart phone waterproof just to compete with Apple and Samsung. However, LG is known to make an effort by making the LG G6 water resistant, the company will move away from the modular build of the LG G5, which allows users to add accessories like a removable battery and camera attachment to the device. The all glass body design is going be a big step along with the removal of swappable battery that its competitors could not offer. While LG may remove the ability to replace the LG G6’s battery, it will try and make up for it by including wireless charging capabilities , along with the new LG pay which will be using Magnetic Secure Transmission similar to Samsung Pay. This means that LG G6 owners will be able to make easy payments by touching their Smartphone to magnetic card readers at stores.

While Apple has planned to do away with the standard 3.5mm headphone port on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the rival of the company Samsung is known to do the same with its Galaxy S8, LG will supposedly retain the headphone jack on the LG G6. LG is known to come up with LG G6 at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off on Feb. 27. Thus, with such attractive inclusion we can understand that LG is going to go overboard with the production of LG G6 which is expected to hit the stores next year. Meeting up to the standards set by the last model LG G6 is suppose to have features that would make it worth the amount charged for. Thus, till the release of the Smartphone in the market all we can do is wait till we can get our hands on it.

The next big thing, iPhone 7

Apple is known to do pretty amazing things and oh boy, this year can be termed as their best one till date. Apple recently announced the iOS 10 update for their iPhones and now the next big thing from their stable is the iPhone 7.


iPhone 7- The much anticipated release of the year. Following Apple’s track, 2016 will bring an even-year upgrade that will include a new iPhone design in addition to new features. So let’s go on with the long list of improvements that Apple is going to include in the iPhone 7.

 The next –generation iPhone is expected to be called the iPhone 7, but there have been rumors suggesting that Apple could introduce 3 versions of iPhone 7, iPhone 7, iPhone Pro and iPhone 7 PLUS. The iPhone 7 may be somewhat thinner than the iPhone 6s due to elimination of the headphone jack, advances in chip packing technology, and a slimmer lightning port. You might think that elimination of the headphone jack is a bad idea but Apple is planning to throw earphones which will connect to the lightning port of the iPhone 7 to give you great music.  New developments suggest that the iPhone 7 will be equipped with a dual –lens camera which would greatly improve the image quality. However, Apple is going to include the same 12 MP camera from the iPhone 6S. The front of the iPhone is also expected to see some changes with a longer earpiece cutout and a relocated ambient light sensor. Also Apple is planning to change the design of antenna bands on the device as they will be putting the antenna bands on the top and bottom of the device only. It is also speculated that Apple is working on a set of wireless Bluetooth earphones that would be sold alongside the iPhone 7 as a premium accessory and an alternative to the EarPods. Rumors have also surfaced that a Smart Connector is present on the back of the device just like that we saw on the iPad PRO and it will let you connect your iPhone to the keyboard and many other gadgets.

Not much of a difference is to be expected between iPhone 7 and the previous models, but there are surely many things to look forward to. iPhone 7 is expected to be slightly slimmer than the previous ventures due to non-availability of a headphone jack, making its design look better. The battery life in iPhone 7 will be slightly better than that of iPhone 6s.

The prices of the iPhone 7 will start from 60,000 Rupees and will climb up to 95,000 for the PRO version. Only time will tell about the success of the latest iPhone.

Facetime vs Hangout

Facetime vs Hangout — Head to Head Comparison

Facetime vs Hangout: World has gone far away from conventional messaging and calling. Our tech world is expanding into a limitless horizon. Everyday thousand of apps are included in Play stores and iTunes while many of them have changed the ways of communications. Google’s hangout and Apple’s Facetime are the two of them.

Facetime vs Hangout

Google Hangout is a famous platform that has been using as a cross platform messaging service and video calling software and with Android it comes as a hosted app in all smartphone. It comes after replacing Google talk, G+ messenger. The overall system is very intuitive and user friendly while having the robust Google system behind. The only limitation of this app is high data consumption during chatting and video calling (70 MB for 10 minutes).

Facetime is a world famous but iOS only app for video calling option. You can’t do a lot of things on it but yes, if you own a iPhone or iPad then Facetime should be your first priority to get into a video calling. It consumes lesser data than Hangout (15-20 MB for 10 minutes).

Comparison of Hangout and Facetime

If we are to compare these two apps from two different zones of tech world then it should be precise and to the point because there should not be any topic left on the ground while comparing first to last features of these two apps from two titans.

  • Hangout can be used on all mobile operating system while Facetime runs on iOS platform only that means it works on Apple only device!
  • Using Hangout users can do instant messaging, SMS, VOIP and video chat features while Facetime is dedicated video calling app.
  • Hangout can be used if you have Google account while Registering on Facetime, you need a mobile number or email address for routing a video call.
  • Video calling quality is better in facetime than in Hangout. Facetime is a light app whie Hangout is a robust app that requires more space to be fit in your phone.
  • Audio quality is better in Facetime than Hangout. One thing should be mentioned here that Facetime uses Apple’s own server while Hangout runs on Google’s server. Google’s server is more congested than Apple’s.

If we keep video calling at foremost priority then Facetime is the best one to choose but if you want to use an app for versatile use then Hangout is the only one to choose.

How to Play Pokémon on iPhone

You must have grown out of your Nintendo and GameBoy, but you may still feel the pangs of nostalgia when you see a kid playing Pokémon. You may have graduated to the latest iPhone with the best possible features, but you still miss Ash and chasing around wild Pokémon with your PokéBalls. So we have brought a few ways in which you can play Pokémon on your iPhone without damaging it iOS and weighing down its core functions.


However, let us warn you that these are only applicable if you still use Operating Systems before the 8.0.3 gen.

  1. GBA4IOS

The first step is quite simple; you need to download GBA4IOS from a reliable source. This will be your emulator for the Pokémon gameplay. With this one you can enjoy the flavors of Gameboy Color, Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. Downloading the GBA4IOS is made really easy for even newbies with the on-screen prompts. On top of that, this is a reliable third party application which has no issues with permissions and security.

  1. Acquiring ROMs

This is more of a grey area both morally and legally. Now you should technically only acquire a ROM only if you own a physical version of the Pokémon game. This makes it sort of legal as acquiring an entire game online involves a lot of piracy which can land you in trouble soup. A related but not independent step is configuring the ROM which can be done with the help of GBA4IOS and its myriad of customization options. Using this emulator lets you explore a whole new range of customization options which includes game layouts and game control.

  1. Enjoy the games

As we have mentioned before finding and running all forms of vintage and latest Pokémon games is extremely easy with GBA4IOS emulator. After the configuration is complete you can play your game complete with personalized skins and controls. You can usually select a number of options which lets you save your progress in the Dropbox. The use of ROMs gives you instant access to a number of cheat codes and extra levels which other players cannot enjoy. will you want to plat GTA 6 game on your iPhone.

Although these steps have been tailored for Pokémon players, they can be followed by any player for any game which has not been released for iOS platforms. Any kind of Gameboy games can be played on iOS devices provided the player installs a wide-base emulator like the GBA4IOS and the ROMs.

Samsung’s Journey to the new Galaxy S8

Samsung has already given us OLED display, dual SIM connectivity and edgeless display. But taking all the rumors into consideration, all these features may seem a bit mundane. Let us delve into the world of speculations and rumors which surround the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. This will both give us a good idea regarding what to expect and what is a distinct possibility.


4K display

Samsung was always known for its impeccable OLED displays which usually cost a fortune. But that has been Samsung’s USP till the new Bravia craze overthrew the good ol’ OLED cravings. But this time Samsung is here with an answer to Sony’s Bravia engines that power the new Xperia Z series. Galaxy S8 will feature nothing less than a 4K display with an 830 ppi pixel density. Such a high resolution display automatically paves way for speculations regarding VR. In fact, there is more than one source which is talking about Samsung trying to introduce a VR tech pairable with their new phones by next year.

Journey to the Galaxy Core

The new Samsung S8 will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 octa-core 3.2 GHz processor. This will surely be one of the fastest processors of next year to support a mammoth 128 GB internal memory. The 6 GB RAM will ensure that the Galaxy S8 runs smooth and fast, without glitches. The upcoming model will be featuring Android N and the next featured upgrades by the time S8 is launched in April 2017. This will mean a fresh application interface, new VR interface and extended support for PlayStore, Photos, YouTube and Google StreetView.

Photographer’s delight

The upcoming S8 will feature a massive 30 MP rear camera and a 15 MP front camera. Now that is not all; this model from Samsung will also include geo-tagging, facial recognition, smile detection and panorama features. Users can easily toggle between the photo mode and auto HDR video modes with dual video recording options.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 will definitely feature a 5G connectivity and dual SIM slots. The second micro SIM slot can also double as a MicroSD card slot for extension of memory (up to 128 GB) in the dual SIM models. In addition to these there are the regular connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HotSpot and reversible USB connectors.

Protection for the phone and the users

The new phone will come with added security and safety measures. On one hand, the phone will brandish Corning Gorilla Glass 5.0 which is resistant to wear and tear. On the other hand, the phone will definitely come with a fingerprint scanner and iris scanner which can easily verify the identity of the user before allowing access to sensitive details. In addition to these the phone will also feature gyrometers, compass, heart rate checkers and barometers.

Hold your breath

The Samsung S8 will be a complete phone, appropriate for all users around the globe. You may have to exercise patience till next April (2017) before the phone is launched in the main markets. Smaller markets may have to wait an added month. The price will hover around $900 USD for all markets irrespective of Samsung’s market share. we also hope that Galaxy Note 7 also release with same price tag. check the best Galaxy S8 cases