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youtv player features

You TV Player: All You Need To Know About This Miracle App

Introduction– Watching videos is a common thing for all of us. Hundreds and thousands of people watch movies, video clips, recorded videos, etc. on their Android devices. But for playing those videos, every device needs to have a certain app. A lot of apps have been available for this purpose, but only a few are preferred among them. Among those few You TV Player( is one the most trusted app for this purpose. It is an app which is easily available in the PlayStore. There are certain reasons why this app is preferred, and one of its advantages is that it corrects all settings and lets us stream hundreds of video channel directly on our devices. So without any further interruptions let’s see what more this useful application can offer us.

Features– You TV Player app has many options available for the user to use with a lot of ease even though its use is new. This app lets us choose directly from our saved videos in the phone memory without interruptions by just pressing our finger against the My Device option on the left panel of the app. If someone is having a problem to use it then the person can click on the help option on the same panel which enables us to acquire a new unique key with which we can unlock many new features. For starters, people should keep in mind that this key may take a few moments to appear. But after this we can watch or stream any videos including shows, cartoon, sports, news, etc. so as for features, we can see that this is a promising app with lots of facilities.

Youtv player features

Requirements– As we know every application need requirements to be fulfilled before it is fully functional and the You TV Player is no different in this cause. This application requires a space of at least 41.65 MB with Android version needed to be at least 4.0.3 and higher. This application runs only on Android devices and is available as Youtv Player apk file. Users must download this file and install it on their Android devices.

 This application is available in a lot of countries including Spain, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, etc. Through Chormecast we can connect the application with our TV, and we can also choose the quality of the video which we want to watch. People can add different channels and view them through this app.

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News for future– Many people have suggested that the publishers release a version of this app for the PC, but the publishers are still not ready according to few rumors. But with the grace of technology, it’d not be pessimistic to say that there is a huge possibility of improvement in this app in the coming new versions.

How to download Freedom apk

How To Download Freedom APK

One of the most ground-breaking app of contemporary times is undoubtedly Freedom APK. An Android app by nature, it lets you unlock premium features of popular games absolutely free of cost. This is of course a hacking tool which uses a fake credit card to pay for premium features and at the same time bypasses the credit checking system. However, the fake credit card has essentially no money or credit loaded, but it can convince PlayStore that the money was actually paid without it being really paid.

One cannot download Freedom APK from Google PlayStore, however, it can be downloaded from various other sources. The latest version of the app is the 1.8.1c version.

After downloading the app, you have to install it in your device and you can do it in almost every Android device. The current version can work in Android Marshmallow and Nougat also. But the most important thing is to rooting your device since a rooted Android can do a lot more than its default configuration.

The features of the app includes buying premium features inside games and apps for free of cost; buying coins, tools and extra features without any cost; becoming a formidable compotator in online games; getting free in-game upgrades which would require money otherwise; experiencing your favorite games and apps to the fullest; among others. The best and biggest feature of the app is the fact that it is completely free.

steps to install freedom apk

Now, in order to use the app, you need to tap on the Freedom icon in order to start it. After it gets started, it will show you the list of all installed apps and games. You then need to run the one you want to make some purchase from. Remember, while purchasing, Google Wallet must show FreeCard as the name of your credit card. If you see that, then you can be ensured that the app is successfully and properly working. After this, you can make as many purchases you like. One thing which you need to keep in mind is that if you already have an authentic credit card attached to Play Store, you need to remove that before running the Freedom app. At the end of the day, Freedom is essentially a hacking tool. Users may run into multiple errors while running it the first time and there is no proper or systematic way to deal with the issue. But worry not, since thousands of users across the globe have been using the app since its release.

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There is no valid source to prove the origin of Freedom APK. A number of websites credit Orphan Safe Communications, a Russian group, to be the original developer of the app, but since the group doesn’t have an official website, this cannot be proven.

Freedom APK also has features which help you delete excessive ads in apps, make in-app-purchases, among others. Besides, it also helps unlock premium levels in games and apps and simultaneously, help you get full control over any Android game or app installed. It truly is one of the unique apps ever created and has gadget freaks go gaga about it since its release.

how to download Playbok on your android devices

How To Download & Install PlayBox On Your Android Devices

PlayBox is slowly becoming one of the most downloaded apps of recent times, because it is where you get to know PlayBox HD app, which provides you wholesome entertainment. However, since a number of viewers are finding it difficult to download the app, we are here to help you out. The elements of the app include the ability of being Chromecast huge library of videos, semantic search HD resolution (360p, 460p, 1080p), 100% free of charges, unmatched GUI, Apple TV compatible and constant updates. This app is currently known as CinemaBox App. You can get PlayBox for PC by downloading and installing it.

PlayBox has innumerable for unlimited entertainment for you, your family and friends. Created with a unique interface to understand easily, it comes with options to get more fun without you having to pay any money.

So, if you thinking as to how you can download the app, do not worry! This web page is here to help you give the tutorial guide as to how you can download and install the PlayBox app for your device.

steps to download playbox on android devices

First Step – In the first step, as this app is not available on Play Store, you have to use the APK method in order to install PlayBox HD on your Android devices.

Second Step – In the second step, you need to download PlayBox HD apk file.

Third Step – In the third step, you need to go to the APK file location on your phone and click on the ‘Play Box.APK’ file.

Fourth Step – In the fourth step, the file will ask you to install that APK file on the mobile. It will instantly get installed.

Fifth Step – In the fifth step, which is also the last step, after completely getting it fixed, you will see an option to ‘Open’ the app. You need to the ‘Open’ button.

After this, you can stream favorite movies and TV series on PlayBox app.

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When coming to troubleshooting, almost every issue can be fixed by just updating to the current version of the app, rebooting your device or re-installing the app. For PC and Mac users, updating to the latest version of Android emulation software (You can also try alternatives such as Bluestacks and Genymotion) also helps. Streaming will begin when you click on ‘Stream &’ selecting the ‘Resolution’.  The icon for searching in the movies menu can then be seen. You have to search the icon inside the Android App. So, as you see, downloading and installing the app is pretty easy and you can do it without having to do a lot of hard work. All you need to do is to go through the above mentioned points and then you can start your favorite movie and TV series watching experience.

The point to be noted is that when you will open a video, you can get to see images to download the film directly with different resolutions. Here, if you see the name of the app as CinemaBox, do not worry or get paranoid as CinemaBox Android App and PlayBox App are both the same.

Your movie viewing experience will definitely change with PlayBox.

Showbox App has changed the Mode of Entertainment

With the smartphones in our hands the way of using the device take the full advantage of it has taken a new dimension. The apps are the most important part of these devices that help us in various ways. But apart from the important part of it, entertainment is a sector that has been reinvented through it. Now, if we talk about the entertainment apps, the Showbox is the name that will come first in our mind. This unique app has made it possible to watch movies through the phone and the option to download it. it is not only the movies that the app is helping with the option of downloading. They offer a great number of television serials and cartoons too.

Showbox App has definitely changed the course of mobile entertainment. Though it is true that it is not unique and there are a number of such apps that hovering the market. But there lies some importance to Showbox.

Showbox Features

First of all it is absolutely free and the user can download their favourite shows and movies anytime. Apart from that the application comes with a user-friendly, smart and intuitive UI that allows the users to search contents very easily.  It also has the filter option that reduces the pain of searching in a subsequent manner.

Another reason why the app gained so much popularity in the last couple of years is most of the movies and videos available on ShowBox provides HD qualities. Using this awesome app you can simply enjoy HD movies and shows for free! It also offers to choose resolution or the quality of the movie and serials according to the users’ desire.

ShowBox offers movies & TV shows even when you are even offline. It helps to see movies and shows in the offline mode too. It’s easy and simple user-interface helps everyone to download the app in the simplest manner possible.

This app is suitable for Android, Windows OS, PC, Mac, and Black Berry too but as the systems are different and the operating system varies the process of downloading the app too varies.

Showbox Alternatives

As told before, though Showbox apk is one of the most celebrated apps for entertainment, but is not solely ruling the market. There are some others apps too, those are offering almost same features and are popular too. Some such apps are Netflix, PlayBox, Hulu, Kodi, Crackle etc.

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Showbox Negative Aspect

Showbox is most popular app no doubt, but it has a major issue and that is, it is technically an illegal site. And that is the reason this app is missing from the Google play store. So, it is a fact that there is always a fear of getting caught, but as till now none has been charged for using it, we can give it a green flag for the eager users.

So withous any worry get the app downloaded on your mobile and enjoy your favourite shows and movies anytime, anywhere!

Why do you need the SHAREit app

SHAREit: Why will you download SHAREit?

SHAREit: With the fast growing technology, people have become smart enough to follow the path of digitalization. And with fast technology comes smartphone followed by the smart apps that are perhaps needed to get all your problems sorted out. Certainly, time is short in hand for everyone. And with smart apps, there is digitalization. SHAREit is one fine app which helps I file transactions between two devices. Back when there was Bluetooth file transferring process was a bit difficult, especially if that concerned to be a high-quality file! But now with SHAREit, everything is finely sorted. SHAREit is forty times faster than that of Bloototh or cable wireless. So people can actually share files seamlessly.

SHAREit Features: SHAREit is somewhat to be mentioned as the alternative for wireless sharing. Devices are not required to be plugged into each order. It can seamlessly share data wirelessly. Your money is saved when you install this app; as SHAREit app doesn’t require any internet connection for the file to be shared. This ‘anyshare’ app is said to be self-sustaining which absolutely needs no help from Bluetooth or other cable wireless connections. SHAREit is also known as the stand-alone app.Users you can share all kinds of files; be it photos, videos, movies, important documents; anything and everything! Not only between two devices but SHARE it also allows group sharing feature which is quite rare when it comes to the file sharing apps. By this feature, we meant, SHAREit can connect up to five devices simultaneously. On a serious not, users you can’t do group sharing with Bluetooth or the wires. Another feature needs to be mentioned here. SHAREit offers Cloneit, which is capable enough of copying the contacts, logs, messages from one device(mobile) to another. Moreover, SHAREit offers one backup file after you send the files to other devices like that of Google Photos. In case any of your photos get deleted accidentally then SHAREit will offer the option for recovering it.

Why you need to download SHAREit

SHAREit Methods of Sending and Receiving:

STEP 1: Download the SHAREit app on both devices which will go through the file transaction process.

STEP 2: Both devices need to connect with the same Wi-Fi network. Users, now you need to launch the SHAREit application on both the devices which will go through the transferring process.

STEP 3: Now users, you need to select the respective file document (photos, videos, movies, etc.) after clicking on the button ‘SEND’. After you have selected the files, you need to click on the button ‘OK’ in order to carry out the sharing.

STEP 4: On the other side, for the receiver, you must click on the ‘RECEIVE’ button on your device, and the sending device will get the name of the receiving device; popping on the screen.

STEP 5: Click on the receiver’s avatar in order to complete the sharing process.

Wrap Up: It would be an understatement if we address SHAREit to be the best sharing app among all. Indeed, by giving a crucial competition to Xender, SHAREit has been remarkable when concerning about file sharing between devices.



Kik Connects You To People All Around The World

Remember those times before the Facebook has born into our lives, what was there- Orkut or Hi5 may be those were the days when people actively started going on online to meet new people and explore their bounds. Chatting and dating were starting to become part our lives back then. I totally agree there would be many more application which helps you connect with the people around the globe by means of chatting but here is the one who has been creating wonder and known for it’s out of the box experience and innovation and much largely influenced by the teens starting from the age of 13 or above- Kik!! All you need to do is Kik Login and you can chat with numerous friends who are also using this chatting application for absolutely free.


Kik has always hold a very peculiar position in the market it was something new and the former developers wanted to transform the PC experience on everybody smart phones. In 2009 when company was first formed by and today have more than 300 million users on Kik.

Here are some of the special of what Kik has it!

  1. Networking: this is the much larger group of people who are the users of this application. It connects people from all around the through chats. You could meet or could be invited to join other people, one could also sent invitation to connect and explore other users through the medium of photos and videos published daily to the application open for all the users who are logged into the Kik application.
  2. Invites: when we talk about invites is meant by whenever a new user creates an account a unique code will be generated, which would be the identity of that user. So if anybody wants to send any request to connect, he/she has to invite by sharing that code in order to become friends on Kik.
  3. Privacy: unlike WhatsApp in Kik, the application make account on the basis of usernames and not phone numbers, so users have complete safety what they want to share or not. They have their complete rights what they want talk about and who they wanted to talk to.
  4. Insider’s features: when you log into as a new user you can always find some existing users through your contact lists. If you would meet any body anywhere no matter if you want to exchange your phone numbers, you could always share your username which will always be protected and in case anything happens a new icon of “Kik Team” will always be there to help you out in of the difficulties it may occur.
  5. Exchanging multi media: it’s very easy to share any of the media content to any of yours contact. Either you would like to choose from your photo gallery or click or shoot right away. It also supports formats such as jpeg, gif, mp3, mp4 and 3gp.

After going through the above processes it is very convenient and safe among the teens, yeah everything has its own pros and cons but it matter in which you would like to use it.