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Why Towel Warmers are perfect for a modern bathroom?

Are you planning to fit a new bathroom or renovating the existing bathroom? Well, you might need to consider many factors, like space utilization, right fixtures, proper water in let and out let among others. However, a towel warmer has now become an essential part of a bathroom and that must also be considered during this. It is of great value and does not really take much space. On top of it, it isn’t very costly product. A basic towel warmer can simply keep your towels dry and uniformly warm along with spreading warmth around the bathroom. Are you worried about style? Don’t be, it comes in the form of a rack or rail, that in fact enhance your appearance.

How is it useful?

As the name suggests, a towel warmer keeps towel warm and dry. Imagine, the first thing that you have to do in a chilly morning is to wipe your face with a wet and moist towel. It is far worse than it sounded. However, if you have a best towel warmer in your bathroom, all you have to do is to place the towel on the rail and forget about it. Your towel remains warm and dry, so is your bathroom. This basically can replace a radiator that one often uses in the bathroom.

What about the central heating system?

If you are worried about your existing central heating system, then there is some good news for you. If you are opting for a Hydronic Towel Warmer, then it should be connected to the central heating system or a radiator. Every thing comes with own advantages and disadvantages, this isn’t different. So, you need to keep your heating system switched on, only for towel warming. Does that disappoint you? Again, there is nothing to be bogged down. There is electric towel warmer as well. It works independent of the heating system and provides equal efficiency. You can additionally control the temperature as well.

Additional benefits

There are so many additional benefits that one get from the towel warmers as well. The warm and dry bathroom is one of the most important one. The space and the rails of the towel warmer can be used as an organizer as well. There are various options available for the styling as well, so if you are interested to improve your bathroom appearance, you can easily do it, by using towel warmer.

Towel warmer is of great value for modern bathroom. This is one of the best modern technologies that can invest upon for bathroom fixtures. A simple yet effective.

Some of the latest features to get in kitchen faucets

While decorating your kitchen with some new designs, you must be thinking about the designs of cabinets, appliances and flooring. However, it is true that most of the people don’t realize the value of the designs of kitchen sink and faucets. best Kitchen undermount Sink is definitely one of the most used parts every day at your home. You should definitely focus on its beautiful looking design and you should also focus on the design and functionality of kitchen faucets. At the present time, a complete range of stylish and beautiful designs is available for the customers in the market.

Whenever you visit the market to make choice for the kitchen faucets, you will definitely get confused to make a good decision because of so many options with lots of manufacturers. Most of the people only think about the design of the faucet but you should also focus on its functionality and features. Today, you can definitely make it more useful by focusing on the following features in it:

Hands-free operations:

Most of the times, you use the kitchen sink and faucet with dirty or messy hands. In this kind of situation, you never want to take the headache of cleaning the faucet after every use. At the present time, you will be able to get the options in the market where you will be able to use it in hands-free mode. You do not need to touch it to use it. With its sensors, it will be started automatically when you will take your hands below it.

Built-in water filter:

To get rid of the impurities in the water, water filters are available in the market. However, you do not need to use it separately to wash your hands or to use clean water at your kitchen sink. In the advanced and latest designs of kitchen faucets, you will definitely find the feature of built-in water filters. It is a useful feature that will give you clean and pure water to use in the kitchen.

Touch sensitive controls:

As technology is getting advanced, you can make choice for the feature of touch sensitive controls in faucets when you want to choose it for your kitchen. It will look really High-Tech and modern in your kitchen and you will find it impressive to use every day. You can also control the volume of spray in the faucet with these touch sensitive controls in a proper way.

These are some of the advanced features that you can easily get in faucets when you are getting the new one for your question. With all these functions and features, you will be able to make choice from lots of designs, material options and finishes in it. With all these considerations, you will be able to redecorate your kitchen in a beautiful way and it will definitely look modern and stylish in the kitchen. do not forget to check the kitchen faucets reviews before buying one. If you also want to make decisions from all these advanced features, you can check out the online collection of these products.

Top 10 Pull behind lawn mower

These days, there are several options of best pull behind lawn mower in the market. However, to know which one will fit your requirements the best, you should know what functions you require. Given below are the top 10 lawn sweepers available now and their features that will help you decide better.

Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-Inch:

It is a versatile law sweeper which comes in a compact size. It also has excellent built quality when it comes to the sweep brush and chute. One of the features that set it apart from the other sweepers is its ability to be folded without any tools. This further provides secure storage and enhances convenience.


  • This product is easy to assemble
  • The foldable functionality makes it fit in small storage spaces
  • Durable built quality and tough brushes
  • It has an easy brush adjustment mechanism. 


  • Compared to the other products in this range, it is large.

Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Lawn Sweeper

 Withdurable fabric and a superb capacity to hold in a lot of lawn material, this lawn sweeper is one of the best in the market. It can be used for a variety of functions such as sweeping leaves, grass clippings, and even pine needles. It is amazingly engineered with six brushes that rotate in a high velocity, allowing it to collect material continuously.


  • It has a larger capacity Hamper
  • Unlike several of its competitors in the market, it comes with a warranty.
  • It has a 5:1 Brush to ground ratio which is more efficient.
  • It has an upright storage feature that makes it convenient to store in the least space possible
  • Easily adjustable height with the new twist lock feature.


  • The process of assembling it can be hectic.

Sun Joe Electric Scarifier Plus Lawn Dethatcher:

Thehighlightingfeatures of this 12 amp motor powered product is that it comes with an electric scarifier and a lawn dethatcher. It is perfect for small and even mid-sized lawns and a wide path that collect the most lawn material in this range. The lawn dethatcher comes with Airboost technology that further boosts the raking capabilities and maximizes collection.


  • It is easy to operate.
  • It comes with unique features like Airboost technology.
  • It is lightweight which means it is easy to push around and store.
  • With the powerful, it works as well as an electric lawn sweeper
  • The 5-position depth control it comes with allows the user to adjust where the tines go smoothly.


  • It comes with a small collector bag size.

Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag:

The best feature of this product is that it has a universal design that can fit 2 to 3 bin grass catchers and hold more than 40 bushels of material that is more than five times of any lawn tractor. It has two mounting design features, which further minimize the leaves that blow on the driver.


  • It is relatively cheaper.
  • It has easy to dump tampered shape which saves a lot of time.
  • It is manufactured using robust material.
  • It comes with a super-size bag.
  • It also features very well-designed so that leaves do not blow on the driver.


  • Maintenance is a must, which can otherwise form dust patches.

5)  Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper:

This lawn sweeper keeps efficiency and time-saving as its top priorities and fulfills them effectively. It is also very user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance. It has a wide sweep, which conveniently removes most debris with only one swipe and collects the remains. It is made of a durable poly construction making it more robust and reliable.


  • Dumping it can be very easy.
  • It is made of a robust material which improves longevity.
  • It also features a collapsible hopper which saves space.
  • It has specially designed brushes, that make sweeping a lot easier.
  • It is versatile as it can be attached to tractors.


  • It is heavier than its contemporary products.

6)  Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper:

This lawn sweeper features durably made brushes that ensure a smooth cleaning process. It is used in a tow style method, and the amazing engineering keeps the grass in good condition. This is most useful during the mid-autumn season as it provides for an easier solution to raking the leaves than the conventional methods.


  • It comes in a relatively wider size.
  • The hopper is easy to remove.
  • It is built with strong, reliable polymers.
  • It is easier to handle than a rake.
  • Its folding feature makes it a breeze to store.
  • It is easy to work with given its lightweight build.


  • It is costlier than its competitors.

7) Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper, 50″/26 cu. Ft.:

This comes with a heavy-duty collector bag that has a huge capacity which saves the user a lot of time while sweeping the lawn. The extra width ensures that the chute does not clog and the sweeper collects the maximum amount of leaves or grass.


  • Dumping of leaves is much more comfortable.
  • It is easy to handle and function.
  • It functions well in all terrains.
  • It also features a 5- position hitch adjustment system which makes it a lot more versatile.
  • Its wideness makes it an effective sweeper.


  • The bottom bag is not as sturdy.

8) Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush:

This product comes with a large and heavy duty collector bad which further ensures minimal number of dumps. It is very convenient to use, given its amazing features. The hopper is also easily emptied by just pulling a rope which is accessible from the driver’s seat.


  • It features a hitch pin.
  • It is very user-friendly.
  • Its wide sweeping scope and amazing brush to wheel turning ratio make it an effective sweeper.
  • Dumping can be easily done from the convenience of seating on the driver’s seat.


  • Lacks straps at the bottom of the box.

Agri-Fab Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper – 52″:

This comes with anextra-large hopper and a wide sweeping width which makes sweeping lawns a lot more convenient. With the adjustable brush feature, the user can set the brush height with ease to his/her requirement. The bag comes with a new steel lever technology which allows it to be emptied with the driver having to leave his seat. It also offers a collapsible feature that enables the user to hang it on the wall and further save space.


  • Its compact size helps it fit in small storage spaces.
  • It features a universal hitch pin.
  • It has a wide sweeping range which comes in handy.
  • The hopper provides the convenience of being emptied from the driver’s seat.


  • A stronger material for the bag could make this product a lot better.

Ohio Steel 42LS Sweeper, 42″/18 cu. Ft.:

This product is one of the most efficient sweepers made in America. With a heavy-duty collector bag it can collect and contain all of the lawn material. Also, the collapsible hopper it offers makes it a good sweeper for convenient storage.


  • Its chute is very well-designed and rarely clogs.
  • It has a wide sweeping width.
  • The brush axle has seal ball bearings which further enhances its functionality.


  • The built could have been made with a tougher more robust material.

These are the ten best lawn sweepers available in the market right now. They are efficiently engineered to provide a seamless and fantastic experience to the user. If you are looking to maintain the grass and cleanliness of your lawn without putting in much effort, these are the products you should check out.

Best Portable Planer Reviews

So, a portable planer is one which can be carried from one place to the other place. Some of the planers need to take in the truck from one place to other while there are some other which has removable parts so that shifting could be made easy. Here you will get a review about the best Portable planer which is available in the market –

  1. Makita KP0810 7.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer: This one can be used with the boards which are having a thickness more than 3 inches as it is coming with more power. This is why it is being placed in the category of Best Portable Planer. With a motor of 7.5 amp, the speed of the planer is 16,000 rpm. The design if this wood planer is specifically made keeping in mind the comfortless to use this.
  2. PORTER-CABLE PC60THP 6-Amp Hand Planer: This is one of the best Portable planers which is very light weighted. So, handling of this kind of planer is very easy. The motor is coming with a battery of 6 amp and you can make 10 different depth settings in this. The three grove system provide you the perfect edge that you need and for more control aluminum show has been provided. The extraction feature can be adjusted easily to release dust and other particles.
  3. Grizzly G0505 12-1/2-Inch Planer: This wood planer is coming with a carrying case. Whenever you need to carry this planer from one place to another. You can keep this inside the case and can carry easily from one place to another. Also, when the planer is not in use, you can keep it out of dust with the help of the case. This planer can be used with most fragile wood as it is coming with a battery of 6.5 amp with 16,000 RPM.
  4. Bosch PL2632K Planer with Carrying Case: This planer is coming with an additional feature. You can fasten the process of planning and cutting of wood by upgrading the steel blade. Also, you can easily carry this from one place to another place with the help of the carrying bag. This planer can be used for both soft and the hard wood and you can also make the speed variable. The design of the planer is very classic and attractive. Also, you can use this with a level of comfort which is missing in most of the wood planers in 2019.

Top 5 Best Nonstick Cookware Brands In USA

Non-stick cookware has become a style icon and necessary equipment in the kitchen. Known for its health benefits, it is preferred by many for cooking their favourite dishes. Without the use of oil, food can be prepared quickly with the help of nonstick cookware. The surface coating on the cookware prevents the food from sticking on to the pan without the help of oil. The other properties which determine the non-stick cookware superiority over other pans are its ability to withstand scratch, number of layers and the quality of the material.

We shall discuss in this blog about the top 5 Best Nonstick Cookware Brands that rules the USA with its expertise in design and quality:

  1. T-Fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Scratch Resistant Titanium Advanced Nonstick Cookware

Its unique technology, lets you know when to start with the cooking with the help of a thermo spot indicator. The unique features of this model are PFOA free, dishwasher safe, non-sticky and are easily cleanable. Storage convenient and low price with high performance makes it stand out from other non-stick cookware. This non-stick cookware has a feature of operating in oven, induction and electric stoves. Known for its durability and ability to remain cool with the help of its handle.

  1. Rachael Ray™ Cucina Hard Porcelain Enamel Nonstick Cookware

Non-stick cookware of this model is available with a porcelain layer and is non-stick, PFOA free. Safe to use in ovens but cannot be used in a dishwasher.  Easy to wash in hand and food can be easily removed from the non-stick cookware. Non-stick can be used to cook on stove except induction. Comes with the two-layer coating to prevent food from sticking and distributes heat evenly

  1. Circulon® Symmetry Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware

Known for its non-sticky nature and is PFOA free. This cookware comes with a three-layer coating making it abrasive and free from scratches. No peeling or chipping can go wrong with this cookware. Cookware can be used on stove including induction, dishwasher safe and is available with tempered glass lids to prevent heat from escaping.

4.Cuisinart® Chef’s Classic™ Nonstick Hard Anodized Cookware

Stylish cookware is made available to the cooking lovers with the help of Cuisinart. With a hard exterior and its durable nature, it can be used by professional chefs. With its unique design, it helps in pouring without causing a mess in the kitchen and can be easily cleaned.

  1. Anolon Advanced Bronze Nonstick Cookware –

Popularly known for its even heating, its uniqueness makes it suitable to cook. Easy cleaning and safe cooking are added features of this cookware. They are known for its safe design, PFOA free and been used by professional chefs because its benefits cannot be overlooked. It is provided with a tempered glass lid, which helps in better cooking.

With the use of the above cookware, our lifestyle has improved saving both time and money making it easier to cook without causing any mess.

Why LED grow lights are best for indoor plants?

How can you ensure the proper growth of your indoor plants? Sometimes, you might not space outside your home or the temperature might not be perfect to grow some plants in the outdoor environment. It is really important that you take the help of the professional Led experts who can help you to install the high-quality lightings in the house. Here are the reasons due to which LED lights can be the best option for your indoor plants and crops:

  • With the help of LED grow lights, you can save a lot of energy and that’s why you will save a lot of money on electricity bills. These lights are made with such material that these can reduce the energy consumption up to 40-50%.
  • These light produce a low amount of heat but a higher amount of light and that’s why these lights are really effective if you want to enhance the growth of plants. It is a great method to let the plants blossom faster.
  • These lights need less power to work and impart efficient results. You can control these lights without any difficulty as these can be scheduled and dimmed according to your choice. The technology of these lights is quite advanced and that’s why the panel spectrum of the light can be controlled in a separate manner.
  • The dimming controlling option is also provided with these lights and you can choose it if you want to change the intensity of light because sometimes your plants may not need high intensity.
  • The costs of these lightings would be really low and the plant growers also observed that almost half of the AC costs are reduced due to the installation of these lights. A lesser amount of air conditioning is required in large spaces. If you know a little bit about the lighting installation, then you can install it without any difficulty.
  • These lights are waterproof and that’s why you don’t need to worry while plants are getting water. There is no effect of dust on these lights because these are also dustproof. Even if the pressure water is sprayed on the lights, these won’t get damaged.
  • These lights are totally recyclable and there won’t be any chances of toxic chemicals or harmful air coming out of it. There is a lesser risk of breakage when you get the high quality of LED to grow lights.

So, these are some of the advantages of using the high quality led grow lights and you can’t find much better option in the market. There is a number of stores from where you can get these lights but you need to find out from where you can get the right type of lights for your plants. You can select the company which has provided amazing services to the customers from a long time and they can help you to get the work done immediately. You are never going to regret buying these lights if you have selected the best brand and company along with the affordable budget. Do not forget to check Best Complete Marijuana Grow Tent Kit

The 3 Best Camping Chairs of 2019 Guaranteed to Provide Value for Money

As far as camping and trekking expeditions are concerned, there are many options available which are not normally known to newbies in the field. Normally, the camping chairs are something that is not included on the first list of preferences as far as the campers are concerned. But these 3 best camping chairs of 2019 are essential for any camping trip and we have decided to list them out for you.

3 Best Camping Chairs of 2019: The best of the best

Naturally, when it comes to camping chairs, not all the companies manufacture great devices. They can often be overpriced and may not even be of a decent quality. In order to be assured of great quality at superior prices, you must follow this list of the 3 best camping chairs of 2019 which will help you have a better-than-average trip.

Kijaro Dual Lock Chair: Kijaro is a pretty popular brand as it manufactures greatly affordable and durable camping and hiking chairs. This year, the Dual Lock model has taken the world by storm thanks to its sag-free seating arrangement. This type of arrangement is usually not found in such budget devices and can be expected to take precedence in the manufacturing process next year too. The Ireland Green variant that we took for a spin was great as it had a breathable backrest made of mesh wire that can support the occupant in even the harshest of climatic conditions. It has a dual locking mechanism making it a greatly ideal chair for outdoor usage. This chair can, however, be a tad difficult to clean.

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler: Coleman is a well-known name as far as camping and tenting equipment is concerned. This Quad chair is one of their best offerings and is attractive as well. Besides having a heavy duty steel build, this chair also has- as the name implies- a built-in four can cooler. Such a feature is rare in the best camping chairs currently available. Notable also is the fact that such a chair is wonderfully lightweight and comes with a 100% polyethylene foam construction. These characteristics make it a rare find and ideal for long trips.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair: ALPS Mountaineering is a familiar name when it comes to manufacturing and selling of camping and tenting equipment. This huge chair is pretty lightweight and has all the features required for being a top chair. This hair can accommodate up to 800 pounds of weight. It is also made of 600D polyester fabric and the powder-coated steel fabric is something that provides both strength and durability.

Wrap up

In the end, we hope that this list of the 3 best camping chairs 2019 will help you in making an informed and conscious choice when buying one. Stay tuned right here for further addition and expert tips.

iOS 13 Features will Include Great Aesthetics, Will it Debut at WWDC 2018?

Despite smartphones being the lifelines of everyone’s life now, everything that it does is absolutely dependable on the apps. Regardless of what sort of applications you use, iPhones are always the best looking models over any other smartphones in the tech industry. Another reason why one would prefer going for iPhones is Apple’s reliable technical support system and customer service. Those already wielding an iPad or a MacBook already know how easily integrated they are with other Apple devices.

Basically, the reason we are prioritizing Apple’s devices is because of the fact that we want to give a clear idea to users of how important Apple’s operating system is! Let’s just come straight to the point: a phone without an excellent OS is nothing! Last year, despite the onscreen massacre, Apple has given a massive upgraded iOS 12. With that, a whole year’s wait was put into a close, but only until now. Rumors are already doing the rounds and it is only giving the viewers to add more to the list of expected iOS 13 features.

iOS 13 Features: What’s on The Cards?

Needless to say, Apple is working up to the collar in order to deliver another efficient operating system this year. While the WWDC event date hasn’t yet been confirmed, we are not ahead of the knowledge that Apple would bring its next OS at the event, nothing, unlike every year. We already know that Apple has something up its sleeves, unlike last year where it discontinued the 32-bit apps or devices running it with the iOS 12.

The iOS 13 features list include a revamped and intriguing home screen, a couple of tweaks in order to core applications such as Camera, Photos, Mail, so on and so forth. One may also expect the iOS 13 to come with a less bombastic security as well as performance focus. Augmented Reality, which is another field for Apple to spread huge clamors and envisions, is very much expected to come in reality with the upcoming iOS 13 update.

Parting Words

Apart from iOS 13, at the WWDC event, the Cupertino tech conglomerate is expected to bring the watchOS 5 which might get more customizations to the Control Center. Also, sources claim that after a mammoth priced iPhone X, Apple is ready to play with its versatility by bestowing an inexpensive iPhone this year. The cheaper Apple iPhone will feature LCD display with bezel-less stylings. And finally, it is also believed that the American firm may offer a revamped Mac Pro at the event. Until more news and rumors here’s to wait for more of the expected iOS 13 features.

I am waiting for iOS 13 beta public seed.

5 best kitchen faucet 2019

Getting yourself the best kitchen faucet could always be confusing as the number of products on the market is not just limited to a number that a customer could compare, however, to make things easier for you, here is the list of 5 best kitchen faucet that you could consider purchasing.

  1. Delta Faucet Essa Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer and Magnetic Docking Spray Head 9113-AR-DST
  • Comes patented with Diamond seal technology
  • Designed in such a way that there is 100% no leaks while the use
  • Comes incorporated with magnetic docking feature
  • Pull out type kitchen faucet
  • Easy to install design
  • Designed in such a way that it is easy to clean
  • Limited lifetime warranty on this product
  • Designed to meet ASME A112.18.1
  • The overall weight of this kitchen faucet is 6.9 pounds
  • Arctic stainless color and the entire product is made of brass
  • Spout height 9 inches
  • Flow rate – 1.8 GPM
  • Number of holes required on the sink – 3 nos
  1. Moen Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Reflex, Spot Resist Stainless (7594SRS)
  • Designed to offer 50 percent more spray power than normal kitchen faucets
  • Comes with a finish that is resistant to fingerprint and stains
  • Comes with a spout height of 15.50 inches
  • Requires 3 holes for installing the faucet
  • Has a Duralock quick connect system that allows the user to install the product easily
  • This is a pull-out type kitchen faucet
  • Pull out hose has an overall length of 68 inches making it suitable for cleaning outside the sink
  • Flow rate 1.5 GPM
  1. WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull out Kitchen Faucet, Single Level Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Faucets with Pull down Sprayer
  • Easy to maintain design
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a feature to control the flow of water in 3 different ways, stream, spray, and pause
  • Single handle design that looks attractive and simple
  • 360 degree swivel spout
  • This is a pull out kitchen faucet that comes with a mechanical retraction system
  • Sprayer head is made of plastic
  • The spout is made of stainless steel
  • The handles incorporated is made of zinc alloy
  • The main body of this kitchen faucet is made of brass
  1. Ufaucet Commercial Stainless Steel Single Lever Single Handle Pull Out Sprayer Prep Kitchen Sink Faucets
  • Comes with a detachable deck plate
  • Pull out type kitchen faucet
  • The body of the kitchen faucet is made of brass
  • The product comes with a drip-free ceramic cartridge
  • 350 degree rotation
  • Comes in a brushed nickel finishing
  • Has a spout height of 5.5 inches and a spout reach of 7.1 inches
  • Comes with a 20 inch long hose
  1. Everflow 17188 Kitchen Faucet with Spray, High Arc Swivel Spout, Chrome Plated Finish
  • Lead free design
  • Pull out kitchen faucet
  • Designed in such a way that it is scratch resistant and rust resistant
  • Flow rate 2.2 GPM
  • Made of durable material
  • Comes incorporated with excellent grips that make the entire head slip proof
  • Has two chrome coated attractive handles


The kitchen faucets listed above were selected based on the customer reviews and the quality of the product.

Know About bathroom shower head filters

Types of filter used – The main component of a shower head filter is the filter incorporated into it. This part removes the particles from the water and makes it safe for use. However, not all products come with the same type of filter, yes, there are different types of filters that are designed to remove specific particles from the water.

  1. Multi-level carbon filter – This type of filter pushes the water through 10-12 different medium, which in turn removes the maximum contaminants from the water. One of the advantages of this type of filter is that is almost, as efficient as, the filters used in water filters.
  2. KDF filter – KDF filters are those filters that are made of zinc and copper and are best efficient in removing viruses and bacteria’s. This type of filters could also be used with carbon filters and the filter is best recommended for people who have municipal or water with chlorine content.
  3. Vitamin C filter – This type of filter is best efficient for removing particles like chlorine and chloramines particle from the water. However, most of the experts comment that this is the least efficient filter available, as it is not efficient in removing any particle else. On the other hand, the filter has proved to increase the overall aspect of the water that passes through it.

Type of restrictor valve – The pressure of the water that comes out of a shower head is equally important as the filtration of the water. Most of the people would not consider purchasing a showerhead filter product that reduces the water pressure to an annoying level. However, pressure above a certain level is also not recommended. In order, to maintain the water pressure level, the products come incorporated with restrictor valves that regulate the water pressure to an optimum level. PS: Restrictor valve reduces the water pressure if the pressure too strong and regulates the pressure if the pressure is too low. With this being told, you should know that different models of shower head filters come with different type of restrictor valve. Therefore, it is very important that you check the pressure of the water flow you have and then purchase a showerhead filter with the appropriate restrictor valve.

Ease of installation – There are different types of showerhead filters available on the market right now, most of them are easy to install and some products cannot be installed without an expert plumber. It is always recommended that you consider purchasing a showerhead filter that is easy to install and does not require any expert plumbers for the installation process.

Warranty – Showerhead filters come with replaceable cartridges and these cartridges play an important role in purifying the water. However, some customers have reviewed the product to malfunction within a few months of use. So, it is very important that you purchase a product with a minimum 1-year warranty.