Google: Android Developer Challenge — Sub-Saharan Africa

Google: Android Developer Challenge — Sub-Saharan Africa

It’s not surprising Google is luring African developers from the Sub-Saharan to design and develop potential mobile apps using Android platforms. Every day over 300,000 Android devices are activated globally – this accounts to about 80-90% mobile penetration rates in Africa alone! A growing number of these mobile devices are powering on for the first time in emerging markets like those in Africa. As Android users multiply, so does the appeal for developers to build apps on this free open-source platform. The prize money for this challenge is cash prize of $25,000 and an Android phone to invent apps that delight users. This has to be done by July 1st and the winning app will be announced on September 12th at G-Kenya.

To get started, choose from one of three defined eligible categories (see below), build an Android app in a team or by yourself, and submit it via the competition website by July 1st.

Categories for Entry:

  • Entertainment / Media / Games
  • Social Networking / Communication
  • Productivity / Tools / Lifestyle

Do you have what it takes to meet this challenge?

So what is Android? Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. For anyone to undertake this challenge you would be expected to have a basic understanding of object-oriented programming (OOP) such as C, C++ or Java. You will find the language syntax and common libraries to be similar, which will be to your advantage.

If this sounds appealing to you, you can join one of the Android Developer Launch events across Sub Saharan Africa here. And to my Zambian friends there is a group called the Lusaka Google Technology User Group (GTUG) that was launched during the Web technology one day seminar at Cresta Golf View Hotel. This special group will be an active vehicle to brainstorm and develop Zambian applications especially for mobile web. It will also work to increase Zambian content on internet. The Lusaka GTUG manager is Coach Brian you can find him on Twitter or Facebook. He is eagerly waiting to hear from enthusiastic Zambians that can take up this rare international challenge for the glory of our mother land Zambia.

So if you know any Zambian geeks or Africans that are passionate about techy stuff please share this information with them.

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